YTD Responses:

(as of 09/03/18)

​2018: 278

2017: 447

2016: 470

2015: 374

​2014: 362

Glenville Non-Emergency: 518-630-0911


Please use this downloadable file as a way for you or your loved ones to record valuable medical information that may be used to expedite care in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency. Please do not send this sheet back to the fire department. We do not keep this information on file and must destroy it to ensure your privacy. Please keep this information at your home or place of business. Make multiple copies in case one gets lost. Also make sure that the information contained on this sheet is up to date. A good way to ensure that the information contained on this sheet is current is to review it each time you visit with your primary care physician. 

Alplaus EMS information sheet

Emergency Medical Resources

Glenville Fire District #2

Alplaus Fire Department

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