Serving the Greater Glenville Area since 1930

Glenville Fire District #2

YTD Responses:

(as of 09/03/18)

​2018: 278

2017: 447

2016: 470

2015: 374

​2014: 362

Glenville Non-Emergency: 518-630-0911


Alplaus Fire Department

  • Water Rescue 224 is back in service following a new layer of epoxy as well as other hull repairs being performed this fall.
  • Congratulations to Firefighters Ben Doyle and Kathleen Todt for becoming New York State certified Emergency Medical Technicians.
  • Snow and ice impact firefighting operations in a lot of ways. The most direct as well as easiest to fix is that of a snowed in hydrant. By taking 10 minutes to shovel out a hydrant in your neighborhood you have made a direct impact on the safety of your family and your neighbors'. Please ensure that the hydrants around you are appropriately shoveled and marked. Contact the town if a hydrant marker has been knocked over or is missing so that a representative may replace it. HELP US HELP YOU!
  • Please support our annual fund drive. The funds received each year go towards many of the fire prevention activities that help teach kids how to be fire safe!
  • The year 2016 has been the busiest year in the history of the department
  • Engine 221 is back in service following an upgrade to the lighting and electrical systems as well as the addition of high visibility chevron designs being put onto the rear of the truck
  • Utility 220 is now in service. 220 formerly served as Car 229 until July of 2015, which was replaced after the purchase of a 2016 model Ford Explorer Interceptor

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